Roo’s Festival Fashion Top Tips

Roo's Festival Fashion Top Tips
With no Glastonbury this year, it leaves the start of the Festival season a little flat. There’s a gaping hole to fill, no pictures of Kate Moss in Hunter’s and tiny silver shift dresses, and no fashion media round up’s of what to wear in Festival season. I love the Glastonbury fashion round ups, I think they’re my favourite looks of the fashion calendar, maybe this is because it’s the closest look we can mirror here in Cornwall - we can really relate to this style of dressing. 

Yes we all love looking at the fashion at Coachella and Burning Man but let’s be realistic, we never get weather like that at a British festival and if we do everyone suffers from heat exhaustion and sun burn!!!

I’ve only been to Glastonbury once, it was probably one of the best weekends of my life, I absolutely, overwhelmingly loved it. I planned my outfits for weeks in advance, the basis of which were Levi’s denim shorts paired with a number of options and my faithful Silver Hunter welly’s. It was the wettest Glastonbury on record - however I persevered and found that layering was key; a waterproof coat essential, Hunter’s a godsend and a liberal sprinkle of glitter brought the magic! 

I’m planning on going again next year (if I get tickets) and praying for a dry sunny one, however my festival outfit planning will follow similar rules to last time, but hopefully the jacket will be defunct and the jumpers only needed to tie around my waist.

Roo & friends at Glastonbury 2016

Here are my Festival Fashion top tips...

Roo's Festival Fashion Top Tips - denim shorts
Denim shorts - the foundation of all outfits, good, short, raw edge denim shorts, Levi’s 501 are my go to, I like to wear them slightly larger than my jean size so they sit low on my hips and that way are more forgiving on the thighs. I also wear these under short dresses as they take away any angst about whether you’re showing your pants or not!
Roo's Festival Fashion Top Tips - a waterproof jacket

A decent waterproof jacket - when we were sent the details on Insane in the Rain jackets I was instantly sold, they are the most perfect shape, style and print and above all of that they are 100% waterproof (obviously the main functionality of a waterproof but often hard to come by with fantastic styling included). I just love the Phoenix print, it’s bold, bright and great fun and has an added bonus of making you easily spottable in a crowd - good for festivals.


Roo's Festival Fashion Top Tips - Knitwear
Slouchy thin knits, layering tops that can easily be tied around your waist - British festivals require layering pieces to deal with the unpredictability of the weather. Many of my favourite jumpers or sweatshirts have a batwing which is gorgeous but hopeless if needed to tie it around my waist so choose a style which has extra long arms and isn’t too heavy. Wildfox and Free People are really good at this and often design bright, colourful layering pieces which are perfect for festivals. My current favourite is this amazing Leopard print sweatshirt from Free People - wear it oversized with denim shorts and a pretty pink cami underneath, off the shoulder and cozy and easy to tie around you waist if needed.

Roo's Festival Fashion Top Tips - picking the perfect bag

The perfect festival bag - this is really important and difficult to find, however I think I have just the thing! It needs to be cross body and not to long so it doesn’t get in the way when jumping up and down but is close enough to your person that nothing gets stolen and not to heavy as to give you back ache! It needs to hold the following essentials - phone, lipstick, lip salve (two different jobs), small pot of glitter, eye liner, pack of handy andy’s, credit card and money. I have found the perfect one for a festival... The Black Colour Urban 2-in-1 Leather Bag, it has a couple of hidden zipped pockets, but not too many to cause confusion, is small but not tiny, can be worn cross body and is super stylish. Boom!


Roo's Festival Fashion Top Tips -  wear a cute Free People Cami top
Pretty cami’s dresses and playsuits - now you have the foundation it’s time to add the wow factor, I personally steer clear of a playsuit at a festival for obvious logistical reasons - however I know my daughters have the whole going to the loo thing down to a slick art and it doesn’t bother them! For me I prefer to top my denim shorts with either a pretty cami top or a short, floaty summer dress. There is so much choice available but my go to places (after Roo’s Beach of course!) are Top Shop and Zara, we have a fabulous selection of Free People which at the end of the day in my humble opinion are the queens of festival fashion!

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