Roo’s January Survival Guide: Inject a little dose of happiness!

Roo’s January Survival Guide: Inject a little dose of happiness!

We all start January feeling really positive and motivated. Drinking less gin, doing more exercise and making homemade soup. By week three, for me at least, it’s all beginning to wear a little thin. So instead of over-thinking what I’m cutting out, I’ve decided to focus on what makes me happy!

How about a happy film? Well, you can’t get much happier than La La Land. Trust me! Awards aside, this amazing movie will literally have you smiling for days, and who wouldn’t want to be serenaded by Ryan Gosling playing the piano?

Listening-wise, you have to try Radio Meuh - a French internet radio station. It was our go-to all over Christmas. It’s uplifting, happy and gentle; house and disco with a light sprinkling of jazz.

Consistently great music all day, every day without having to think about it. A must for stimulating those happy vibes! 

Roo’s January Survival Guide: Inject a little dose of happiness!




And there’s nothing happier on a dark and stormy night than the company of a brilliant book, which is often easier said than done… Finding that perfect read is so subjective as everyone has a different definition of what ‘brilliant’ is. I have a very short attention span and tend to fall asleep within a few pages if it demands too much thought… I also struggle with complicated plots… Basically, I just need something easy and entertaining! I still think the best AND funniest book I’ve ever read is ‘The Rosie Project’ by Graeme Simsion. It's laugh out loud hilarious to the point where it was actually embarrassing reading it in a public place!

Finally, just to prove it’s not all about sitting around, I’ve started a Whatsapp group with a bunch of girlfriends to do the 12 Week Bikini Body Challenge by Kayla Itsines ( The beauty of this is that it’s a series of short workouts, and then the other days you can just do your own thing. A couple in the group are super keen, organised and, dare I say, almost militant in their approach which is making me (being rather lazy and prone to drinking gin in favour of exercising) feel guilty and actually make a much bigger effort than I ever would have done otherwise! I’m not convinced I’ll stick if for the entire 12 weeks, but even if I give it a good go for a month or two, that plus a happy brain means I may even have a little touch of spring in my step!

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