Roo's Christmas Wish List 2018

Each year we try and pick a gifting edit which is fun, original, accessible for everyone and diverse, this year has been one of my favourite’s to date especially as it’s the season of Leopard Print it’s been really easy for me to get totally ever excited about everything! I have tried to limit my Leopard print wearing and layering to a maximum of three pieces at any one time, however this still means I can accessorise with Leopard in other parts of my life so having already chosen shoes, a coat and a scarf from earlier edits I have still snuck a couple of extra Leopard pieces onto my wish list.

Roo's Christmas Wishlist 2018 featuring Mads Nørgaard & Barts
Mads Nørgaard Mega Glitter Drasmilla Gold Dress
1. When I saw this totally gorgeous dress from Danish brand Mads Nørgaard I knew it had to be top of my wish list, I’m always naturally drawn to sparkle, especially as the festive season is nearly upon us and this dress is a total beauty, however it’s a bit of a dark horse as it can be worn in so many ways so really does give you good value for money.  I’ve worn it at the end of the summer with bare legs and Birkenstocks, loved that look,  and now I’m going to wear it layered with a long sleeve black body, opaque tights, trainers and a thick scarf. Did I mention that it has pockets too?

Barts Mischa Black Scarf
2. I’m really obsessing over this, once I saw Bex wearing the Army colourway I knew that it had to be on my wish list, it really is a true blanket scarf, you can properly wrap yourself up in this and it really does keep you warm and cosy. There are three colour combinations to choose from and all of them are just great - I went for black as it combines well with Leopard print plus my gorgeous orange cardigan too.

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Roo's Christmas Wishlist 2018 featuring Dear Denier & Do You Look Like Your Dog?
Dear Denier Simone Black Cashmere Tights
3. I love a good quality pair of tights and have never quite forgiven Betsy for cutting the feet off a pair of my Wolford ones when she was dancing and needed footless tights - what a high maintenance teenager she is!!! The Dear Denier brand is beautifully made and their opaque tights are some of the best I have ever worn, a perfect matt black finish which are super flattering on the leg.  I always find that investing in good tights is really worth it as they last for years if looked after and really do make a difference to how your legs look (you just need to hide them from teenage daughters!)

Do You Look Like your Dog Memory Game
4. As a dog lover this is just the perfect gift, I always think people look like their dogs - being the owner of two very scruffy Jack Russel terriers I hate to think what this says about me!!!

Roo's Christmas Wishlist 2018 featuring Pernille Corydon & Stine A Jewellery
Pernille Corydon Gold Edith necklace
5. This flat, gold, chunky chain is just perfect for making a simple statement and layering with other chains, again it has a slight nod to the 90’s, a little bit of ‘Del Boy’, it’ll shine and sparkle and is just a little bit different from all the other jewellery I own.

Stine A
6. We’re so excited about this new Danish jewellery brand, it has a wonderful individual feel about it and everyone can style it differently, personally I totally love their little silver four leaf clover stud, I have a four leaf clover necklace that belonged to my Mum so this will be perfect with it! 

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Roo's Christmas Wishlist 2018 featuring Stine A jewellery & Wouf tech accessories
 Stine A Three Leaves gold earring
7. I’ll pair this beautiful gold drop earring with my little clover stud to give a miss matched feel to my jewellery, I’d then add the silver necklace and a gold chain, I feel excited about trying out a new jewellery look and one that I can easily add to as I find new peices along the way.

Wouf Black Leopard Print Laptop case
8. I already own a Wouf parrot laptop case so I don’t strictly need another one, HOWEVER this new print that they released for Autumn is just fantastic, it’s my favourite to date so of course it has to go on my wish list!  Wouf make such great quality products, I really feel that my laptop is in excellent hands once it’s tucked away in it’s case I know that no harm will come to it.  Gorgeous accessories like this are a real treat and funnily enough even though it shouldn’t make a difference but it does.

Roo's Christmas Wishlist 2018 featuring Paul & Joe Beaute & INUWET Vegan Lipsbalms
INUWET Coco Vanilla Lip Balm
9. Everything’s to love about these little gems, they’re Vegan, really nourishing, gorgeous packaging and they stand for In Unicorns We Trust - what’s not to LOVE?

Paul & Joe Lipstick refill 110
10. This is a light but rich (yes that’s a thing) autumnal shade of brown with a warmth to it that makes your lips shine, isn’t too dark, has sheerness to it and really seems to suit everyone, well done Paul and Joe you’ve done it again and of course it comes with a selection of beautifully designed lip stick cases so it not only looks good on the lips but it looks good in your hand bag too.

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Roo's Beach Christmas Gift Guide edit featuring KeepCup, Stance, BeckSondergaard, Pernille Corydon and Portuguese Flannel

November 23, 2018 — Catherine Murray