Roo's Christmas Wish List 2019

Every year we like to find out what's on Roo's Christmas wish list. Picking her favourites from our curated collections and giving us all inspiration for must-have festive gifts, it's over to Roo... 
"It's already been a busy month for us here at Roo's Beach, what with our successful Festive Fling party and all-weekend event that saw tons of people flock to the store to do their Christmas shopping. Add a house move and general election on top of that, I must say that Christmas has crept up on me quicker than expected and my own gift shopping has been put on the back burner. Time to sort that out! Thank goodness the shop's got something for everyone. Lifesaver!"  
     "But this blog isn't about what I'm buying friends and family. That would give too much away and spoil the surprise! I've been asked to share my favourite products that are definitely going on my 'wish list' for Christmas. So here goes...
This smartphone necklace from XOU XOU is such a brilliant stylish invention. Not only am I losing my memory, my eyesight isn't great either, meaning I'm always misplacing my phone. Not for long! With this, I can keep my phone with me at all times, handsfree, and there's zero chance of me dropping it down the loo too."
"Thinking along the same practical lines, everyone should have a Baggu re-usable shopping bag in every handbag and coat pocket. I'm always forgetting my shopping bags when changing cars and handbags, so I should really have a spare for every eventuality. I'd love one of these in pink - a gorgeous colour, easily stored flat and combats the fight against single use plastic bags. Problem solved!"
"Now I've never been too sure about beanies since I just don't think they've ever really suited me. But when I recently tried on one from Le Bonnet in a new colourway of indigo blue, I fell in love with it. Maybe I just needed to find the right colour for me, but either way, the kids have given it the seal of approval, saying I look 'just about ok' wearing it. So it's on the list.
 Also, a Christmas wish list wouldn't be right without at least some jewellery on it. We may all have loads already, but every woman can always want (and have) more! My picks from our ever-growing collection of jewellery are the Sophie Harley large gold hoops. I always wear the silver ones, but would like to change it up with the gold. They are just beautifully simple and feature a lovely hand-hammered texture."
"I just love wearing multiple necklaces, layering them up, and Wanderlust Life create the perfect pieces to do this with. On my wish list is the Sunburst necklace with its beautiful piercing blue howlite stone, that just reminds me of holidays in the sun. It's a simple design that you can wear year-round, and it's exclusive to Roo's Beach!"
"Finally I have to add some clothing to my wish list, but my goodness where do I start? Decisions decisions... We have such an amazing choice this year! I'd have to put down dungarees as they really are my favourite things to wear at the moment. So easy and effortless. I'd have to choose the new styles coming in from L.F. Markey, let's go for the Lenny cord dungarees. Have you seen them? I'm in love with that terracotta colour."
"Another must-have for me are the new Cheet Day trousers from Free People which scream relaxed, everyday style and make the perfect loungewear essentials. I love the cheetah print and wide cut of the legs, plus the drawstring waist ensures these trousers put comfort first!"
"Wishing you a wonderful festive time, thank you for reading and I’ll see you in 2020 x"

If you're writing your wish lists for Christmas or are in need of some inspiration for gifts, make sure you check out our Giftopia. We've made it super easy to find the perfect present for your loved one.


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