Discover @shellandthelittlies Christmas Wish List
Just last month Instagrammer and busy mum of two Shell Mills, a.k.a, @shellandthelittlies popped by Porth store for a styling session with Roo and to share with us what's on her Christmas Wish List!

Roo: Shell, we met you during the Summer and are so excited to see what an incredible few months you have had! Can you share why you are drawn to Instagram? 

Shell: I fell into Instagram @shellandthelittlies a year ago, it’s not something I planned and prior to that I only followed close friends and family knowing nothing of the Instaworld! 

I share my daily life as a Mum and have recently launched a hashtag which I co-host with two fellow Mama bloggers #fashtagfriday has become really popular and also given me so many opportunities to work with fashion brands I love. 

I still find it all a little crazy how my page has grown in a year but I love to document our days and share it with other Mamas. Instagram is a great way to be yourself and feel less alone. I call it my happy accident and I’m excited to see where it leads!

My Instagram has evolved since opening my account public from posting my children where it all started as my daughter was picked to brand rep for a hair accessories brand to now featuring more of me and my style. 

Having always had a passion for style and fashion, doing a Fashion Design degree at university then working in fashion retail and buying its been a journey to get “me” back after having my children. 

Roo: How is Instagram evolving for you and how do you fit it around your job and family life?
Shell: In regards to fitting Instagram around my part time job and family, I have to admit as my account has grown it’s getting increasingly hard. It’s something I really enjoy though and it’s opened so many opportunities for myself and my family. I don’t think many people realise the amount of work and time that goes into growing your Instagram into a job there’s a lot of pressure to create the best content but as I’ve always loved photography and put a lot of effort into my posts I think that’s why my followers enjoy my feed. 

I get a lot of people comment it’s uplifting, fun and colourful and that’s me! So many get caught up trying to post what they think people want but I’ve always stayed true to my style and not taken it too seriously, never comparing as we’re all different and that’s what makes it fun! 

Discover @shellandthelittlies Christmas Wish List
Roo: What are your key fashion looks and top tips, favourite brands?
Shell: I think people can see from my feed I like to have fun with fashion. I love mixing colours, prints and textures. The same with my kids we like to wear what we like and make our own style. 

As for key pieces in my wardrobe, I wear a lot are dungarees as a mum they’re so comfortable and versatile and look cool too! I also have a fab oversized denim jacket I love and I’m really into teddy coats and faux fur this season although it’s not something that’s new for me. It’s very on trend at the moment but I actually had faux fur and leopard print coats back about 8 years ago I just wish I’d kept them!

I love the high street shops such as Zara, Topshop and M&S have really impressed me this season. I do like to shop small and buy a few investment pieces too brands such as Traffic People, Free People, Oliver Bonas and I’m loving Mads Nørgaard which I’d actually never heard of before but need it all now!

Roo: Who is your style icon?
Shell: I don’t think I have one style icon I like to make my own style and get inspiration from everywhere really. Instagram is great for style inspiration and I often get messages from followers saying they’ve gone out of their comfort zone and bought something colourful because of me and that means so much! This is how #fashtagfriday came about it’s a lovely way for ladies to post what they’re loving at the moment, new and old pieces and seeing how other people put looks together. Just by scrolling down the hashtag page it’s full of fab fashion looks and ideas!

Roo: What exciting plans do you have for 2019?
Shell: I’m looking forward to 2019, this year has been crazy but amazing and nothing I could ever have imagined I’d be doing hence why I call Instagram my happy accident! 

We’ve been lucky enough to do quite a few review trips which is lovely to be able to take my family away and we have more planned in for next year which will be fun!

Who knows what’s in store but I’m loving what I do and will carry on this fun ride and make the most of it!

Roo: Finally, Shell what's on your Christmas Wish List and why have you chosen these pieces? 
Mads Nørgaard Mega Glitter Drasmilla Gold Dress and Leopard: Fashion's Most Powerful Print book

Shell: Well my number1 has got to be the Mads Nørgaard Mega Glitter Drasmilla Gold Dress. I couldn’t leave the shop without this dress and I’ve already worn it a few times and had so many comments. I’m not one for keeping nice clothes for best and love wearing sparkle and sequins dressed down with trainers or chunky boots. This dress is so versatile as it can take you from day to night so easily and it has pockets too....it’s got to be love!

2. Leopard: Fashion's Most Powerful Print By Hilary Alexander
With leopard print being so on trend this season what fashionista wouldn’t love this, it's the perfect coffee table book. Also with my Instagram eyes on this is a lovely addition to a flat lay!

3. Free People Solid Kate Terracotta Faux Fur Coat 
This would be another one of my top picks from Roo's Beach as I’ve worn it loads since I got it. It’s such a rich seasonal colour, so soft and cosy to take you through the winter.

4. Levi's 501 Skinny Chill Pill Jeans
Hands down the best fit skinny jean as they’re not super skinny and look fab with a turn up! 

Beck Söndergaard Dina Small Dots Chambray Blue Socks & INUWET Christmas Bunny Lip Balm Duo Set
5. Beck Söndergaard Dina Small Dots Chambray Blue Socks
I had to buy these too as I love the sparkly sock with shoes trend at the moment and with Christmas coming I just had to have these!

6. INUWET Christmas Bunny Lip Balm Duo Set
I love getting new lip balms at Christmas and I just thought these are so sweet. 

Be A Mermaid book7. Be A Mermaid Book
I think this is a lovely stocking filler and as we call my daughter Valli our little mermaid so it had to go on my Wish List.

8. bkr Gigi Yellow 500ml Glass Water Bottle
It's always nice to have a fresh drinking bottle in your Christmas stocking, it’s like a new pencil case at school! With this I’d feel much more motivated in January to keep hydrated, something I’m terrible at being a busy Mama, as I'm trying to do it all!

Big Metal London Tortoise Cosette Half Moon Resin Earrings
9. Big Metal London Tortoise Cosette Half Moon Resin Earrings
I wanted to choose a few different things and I really think my top picks would make any lady super happy on Christmas Day! These earrings are so unusual I love the shape and the warm tortoise shell colour.

10. Wouf Leopard Large Pouch
Love the leopard pouch as it’s such a funky design and I would definitely use this as a clutch to fit my essentials in.

Hello! Lucky Go Get 'Em Tiger Mug & Bellerose Volders Check Jacket11. Hello! Lucky Go Get 'Em Tiger Mug
I love this mug and think it sums up what my New Year's resolution will be! 

12. Bellerose Volders Check Jacket
Anyone who follows my Instagram will know I have a bit of a thing for coats and jackets so I had to add one more in as this is my Wish List right?! This is so me I’d wear this loads it’s fab!

@shellandthelittlies wearing the Mads Nørgaard Mega Glitter Drasmilla Gold Dress
Shell wears: Mads Nørgaard Mega Glitter Drasmilla Gold Dress with Ottod'Ame Ciacca Floral JacketPernille Corydon Edith Gold NecklacePernille Corydon Era Gold Necklace and Wouf Leopard Large Pouch

December 06, 2018 — Catherine Murray