Style Me Sunday's Warrior Woman Project #3

Style Me Sunday

If you’re around London next Friday (and not at the opening of our new shop at St Moritz!) we recommend that you head to Clapton Laundry for a day of inspiring talks, photoshoots and general lovely chit chat, as part of Natalie Lee’s Warrior Woman Project #3.

Natalie runs the award winning blog Style Me Sunday which she started after falling pregnant with her second girl and wanted a creative outlet to talk about all of the things she loves the most. Today’s it’s all about Fashion with Feeling. Natalie has a strong belief that fashion and feelings are linked and she uses fashion to represent or to change how she’s feeling. She believes that what people wear affects their confidence and how they feel in their own skin, which is why she is the perfect person to lead the Warrior Women Projects. 

Style Me Sunday's Warrior Woman Project

Following on from project number two “Vulnerable Me”, where Natalie encouraged her followers to share their stories about the things that make them feel vulnerable, her current project #3 is called “Fierce”. It has nothing to do with what size you are, your stretch marks, your cellulite or any wobbly bits. It’s intended to get women, who have a tendency to be self-deprecating and hard on themselves, to be proud of their achievements and not let their insecurities hold them hostage.

By sharing body positive images on Instagram, using the hashtag #WarriorWomenProject3, Natalie hopes to create an inclusive and empowering group that are mega supportive and can achieve anything despite their vulnerabilities.

We’ve been working with Natalie for well over a year now and we’re super proud of this amazing project she’s put together. If you’re in the market for a bit of female empowerment (who isn’t?!) or would just like a lovely day of photo shoots, live art, inspiring talks, amazing goodies and yummy food/drinks - head over to Clapton Laundry on Friday June 16th.

Natalie has also very kindly shared with us her top tunes to get you in the mood for the weekend - enjoy!

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