Summer Lookbook Q&A with Rosie Corr

Summer 17 Lookbook Q&A with Rosie Corr

For our Summer 17 lookbook, the Roo's Beach team along with photographer Adj Brown and model Rosie Corr headed to Portugal in search of sun, sea and sand to showcase our new collection

Shot on location in the beautiful area of Silves, we asked Rosie to tell us about the story behind the shoot...

What was the vibe like in Portugal? Have you been before?
I've been to the Algarve in Portugal two times before, both times in February. Both times I went for a surf, beaches, and yummy food. The first time I went I was unlucky with the weather, whereas February this year was gorgeous. However, Portugal for the lookbook shoot in March was gorgeously warm.

Silves, Portugal – a location featured in the Roo's Beach Summer 17 Lookboon
How did Portugal compare to last year’s lookbook location in Cyprus?
I loved the shoot in Cyprus. Cyprus was never somewhere I had considered visiting before but I was blown away with the beauty. However, Portugal is more my kind of place; Pastel Natas, waves, and gorgeous beaches.

Rosie wearing the Wildfox Spectrum Hoodie

Where do you start when packing for a shoot abroad?
Snacks! I get hungry really easily and when I'm hungry my energy and mood drops. I packs snacks to keep me happy and energetic during the shoots. I just bring some basic clothes, but nothing fancy as I know I'm not really going to be wearing my own clothes during my time away very much.

Watermelon Ice Lolly

Do you have any tips on where to go or what to do in Faro?
I have a favourite pizza restaurant called 'La Pizza' - it's super cute and the food is AMAZING! I've not spent much time in Faro, but I really like Sagres and the beaches around there.

Did you have a favourite location to shoot at?
I loved shooting at the beach in Portimão. I feel comfortable on the beach as it's where I choose to spend lots of my time. I also fell in love with a big building in Silves with the pretty pink tiles.

Rosie exploring the view of the coast wearing the Free People Go On Floral Sweater

Talk us through a typical shoot day?
I wake up early and have a shower. I then do my makeup, followed by putting some waves in my hair. Before heading out I always grab some breakfast. In Portugal we had a delicious breakfast of eggs and avocado each morning. We then do a few different looks in the morning, either out on location or where we are. We stop for lunch to keep our energy levels up - normally with lots of cold drinks. The afternoon consists of a few more looks in different locations. In the evenings we would go out to a restaurant and talk about our favourite locations of the day, before trying to decide where we want to head to the following day and what time we need to wake up. I would then always sneak off to bed as soon as we got back to catch up on some beauty sleep.

Rosie enjoying an ice lolly

What are the best and worst bits about shooting on location?
The best bits of shooting on location is exploring areas you wouldn't always necessarily visit, and falling in love with them. And of course, all the laughs the we have throughout the day. I honestly can't think of any bad bits. I feel very lucky to have been invited to the Roo's Beach shoots abroad.
What was your highlight of the trip?
Ooooooh, so many highlights. My daily Pastel de nata, a refreshing swim in the pool where we were staying and seeing all the beautiful tiles of Portugal were all right up there.

Roise enjoying a Portuguese custard Tart

This is the fifth lookbook that you’ve modelled for us, which one has been your favourite so far?
I think this lookbook shoot in Portugal has been my favourite of all. It has been my favourite location (I choose to go there for my holidays!) and each time I have a shoot with the Roo's Beach team I get to know them better and better, so we just end up having more and more laughs.

Rosie Corr and Adj Brown  behind the scenes of the Roo's Beach Summer 17 Lookbook

What were your favourite pieces/outfits from our SS17 collection?
There were so many incredible outfits, all of which I loved wearing. However, I definitely had two favourite outfits. I loved the black silk dress with the kimono; I just felt super comfortable and feminine. I love how you can easily dress the black dress up or down depending on the occasion. I also loved the last look we shot with the floral blouse and trousers which I wore in  Portimão an outfit I would never have put together or chosen, but made me feel SO COOL! So much love for all the clothes!

Rosie wearing the American Vintage Seventies Peonyland Top


Enjoy a sneaky peak of behind the scenes footage from our latest summer shoot...

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