The Boilersuit Rebirth | Cornwall Today April 19

Every season there’s a key style, something that’s super edgy and people are talking about, generally it’s beyond us mere mortals and is reserved for the likes of Kate Moss, Gisselle and those Kardashians. I read about these items in Grazia, see models strolling along in the California sunshine with their Starbuck’s looking relaxed and effortlessly cool whilst sporting said piece. Generally these high fashion items aren’t for me, I try not to get caught up in the hype and stay impartial, find an alternative which is just slightly less out there and a little more relatable to my life here in Cornwall.

Roo wearing the L.F. MARKEY Danny Mid Blue Denim Boilersuit

However this season’s must have item has got under my skin and try as I may to ignore it and move on I’ve succumbed, climbed in and zipped up and I’m now 100% hooked! The ‘Boilersuit’, originally designed in 1940’s as utilitarian workwear, a wartime staple, easy to throw on when the air-raid warning sounded, unisex and all-encompassing making everyone visibly part of the war effort. It had it’s first proper foray into fashion in the 1970’s famously worn by David Bowie, Lou Reed and numerous other musical hero’s, wartime cast offs were hunted down from charity shops and thrift stores and re-modelled for fashion.

It’s having it’s third major renaissance now, we’ve had jumpsuits and dungarees for a few seasons in various shapes and sizes. The ethical company Lucy and Yak who design a one shape fits all dungaree, affordable, fantastic colours and prints and just so easy to wear, they’ve captured this market and have exploded. However SS19 is all about the boilersuit, more casual than a jumpsuit, strangely sexy and empowering, a one-stop garment, a time saver, a top and trousers in one, it can even be described as a money saver - cheap, two garments for the price of one?

They are everywhere, from Top Shop to Selfridges in denim, cord, print and colour and until this week I’ve dismissed them thinking I’m too old, leave it to the kids and the models. Then, one more box arrived at the shop, from a new brand LF Markey, just one style inside, the Danny boilersuit, mid wash denim, short sleeves, one long central zip, great pocket detailing. I may as well just try it on, see what all the fuss is about, at least then I’ll be able to advise customers better? It’s amazing, I’m in love, fits perfectly, I feel a million dollars, just stepped off the set of Charlie’s Angels, I’m ready to go out in 2 minutes, no more decisions are needed, the boilersuit, it’s a winner.

Featured Boilersuit:
L.F. MARKEY Danny Mid Blue Denim Boilersuit

This article was featured in Cornwall Today, April 2019.

Roo with the Roo's Beach team wearing the L.F. MARKEY Danny Mid Blue Denim Boilersuit

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