The Dos & Don'ts of a Leopard Print Scarf

The Do's & Don'ts of a Leopard Print Scarf

Those of you who know me will be aware by now of my slightly unhealthy obsession with leopard print! I don’t remember when it turned from a ‘like’ to a ‘love’ to a ‘can’t live without!’ but, needless to say, it seems to have become my absolute signature print, and one that makes me brim with happiness every time I wear it! 

As part of this habit of mine, I own approximately six leopard print scarves. I should state that they do all serve a different purpose and I interchange them depending on what I’m wearing. The only issue I have with this is that I also own two leopard print coats, two pairs of leopard print shoes, a leopard print skirt and countless leopard print tops.  So here’s a question – does one have to limit the number of leopard print items worn at the same time?? Personally, I think not, but I have discovered that there is a tipping point when I look in the mirror and think: ‘Ah. That may be a print too far…’ and take one off! You’ll know your own limit on this one!

A scarf is the perfect accessory to add a little print to your life, but only if you know how to wear it, and we know people struggle with this as we get asked almost daily in the shop about the dos and don’ts of scarf-wear. So, stimulated by the arrival of three brand new leopard print cotton lovelies, the perfect trans-seasonal piece to add a little spring to your step and help lift the spirits on these dull pre-spring days, we thought it would be a good idea to do a little master class. Over to you Bex!

My go-to for scarf styling is a simple wrap around the neck. Drape the scarf over your shoulder, keeping one end slightly longer to loop around your neck once. With these leopard print ones, it’s best to leave it untied at the ends so that you can see the beautiful details in the white stitching and slightly frayed ends. For a really casual look that’s still stylish, I’ll pull it a little looser around the neck and have the ends uneven for a ‘Really. I just threw this on!’ kind of vibe.

The Do's & Don'ts of wearing a BeckSondergaard Leopard Print Scarf

A look I’m really not sure about is this one. If you tie the scarf once and drape one end so it’s facing forward, you’ll get this look that’s quite frumpy and sort of reminiscent of a gentleman’s cravat! A little too formal and way too old school - it’s a no from us!

The Do's and Don'ts of wearing a Becksondergaard Leopard Print Scarf

If you’re not a fan of having the extra material draping down then go for The Turtleneck. Just loop the longer end around your neck a few more times and tie the ends together with a simple knot that can be tucked under the excess fabric.  Nice.

The Do's and Don'ts of wearing a Becksondergaard Leopard Print Scarf

An absolute no-go zone is wearing your scarf as a cape or a shawl! No, not even when you’re cold unless it’s proper cold and you have an amazingly warm, thick, woolly blanket scarf! But with these lightweight cotton types, you want to see them draped beautifully around your neck, not in one big block that just ends up looking sloppy.

The Do's & Don'ts of a Leopard Print Scarf


When in doubt you can’t go wrong with just a classic, loose drape. This is my go-to style for the spring/summer months when it’s a bit too warm to have a scarf wrapped all the way around your neck. It works perfectly with the cotton leopard print scarves adding an amazing pop of colour to any outfit!

The Do's and Don'ts of wearing a Becksondergaard Leopard Print Scarf


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