The Laid-Back Coffee Co.'s Mince Pie Recipe

The Laid-Back Coffee Company's mince pie recipe

Whether you love them or hate them, nobody can dispute the legendary status of The Laid Back Coffee Company’s mince pies. Rich, fruity and ever so naughty, Christmas just wouldn’t be Christmas without them. Our neighbour’s mincemeat recipe is seriously addictive so it may be worth making extra just in case! 



450g Bramley Apples; cored and diced
50g Whole Almonds; cut into slivers
4 level tsp Mixed Spice
½ level tsp Ground Cinnamon
¼ level tsp Nutmeg; freshly grated
6 tablespoons Brandy
225g Vegetarian Suet
350g Raisins
225g Sultanas
225g Currants
225g Mixed Candied Peel; finely chopped
350g Soft Brown Sugar
Grated zest & juice of 2 Oranges
Grated zest & juice of 2 Lemons

Shortcrust pastry
250g flour to fat
125g salted butter
50g caster sugar
2 eggs (1 for glazing)
Ice cold water

The Laid-Back Coffee Company's Christmas Mince Pie Recipe


For the mincemeat:

• Mix all the ingredients together in a large oven-proof mixing bowl and leave in the fridge overnight
• The following day, put the mixture in the oven at 110C/gas ¼ to melt for 3 hours
• Remove from oven, add the brandy and mix thoroughly
• Cover with foil to cool, stirring occasionally
• Keeps in sterilised jars for up to 3 months
• Bake for 50-60 mins until golden and risen

For the pastry:
Place the flour and butter in a bowl and rub together to a crumb consistency
Add the sugar and the egg, and mix together
• Fold until the pastry comes together, add enough ice cold water to bind
• Wrap the mixture in clingfilm and rest for at least 30 minutes

Heat oven to 220C/200C fan/gas 7 and roll out the pastry to 3mm thick
• Cut out 16 round bases and place them into muffin trays
• Add 1 tablespoon of mincemeat to just below the lip of the pastry
• Roll out the leftover pastry to cut 7cm round lids and press them on top to seal
• Glaze with egg and sprinkle with caster sugar
• Bake the mince pies for 15-20 mins until golden brown
• Leave to cool before dusting with icing sugar and serve

Get into the festive spirit and join The Laid Back Coffee Company for an evening of mulled wine, boozy hot chocolates and Christmas Carols By The Beach this Monday 19th December 4pm-5pm.

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