The Skirts + Knits Dream Team

Feel a little lost wearing jeans and trousers every day now, just because it’s winter? Well don’t, because you can most definitely get those legs back out and still be warm whilst looking absolutely gorgeous too. The lifesaver is a good cardi or jumper that works well with your boots and socks, letting your dress or skirt do its thing and still stand out, effortlessly. Here to show you how, with their favourites from the current collection at Roo’s Beach is Roo herself and Bex.

Roo wears the Free People Normani Bias Leopard Printed Skirt, the Free People Copper Combo Knitted Cardigan along with the Ottod'Ame Black Camicia Shirt and her own boots.

Roo –  ‘We love mixing textures and styles to create a paired down eclectic look. I think that’s what we do best here at Roo’s Beach, we style things in such an accessible, everyday way which is comfortable, relaxed, fun and makes us all feel energised and sexy!’

Bex wears the Bellerose Black Veliz Stripe Skirt, the American Vintage Damsville Pesto Cardigan, the Bellerose Ayo Vintage White T-Shirt and the Stance Classic Posey Black Crew Socks and her own boots.

Roo – ‘Both of these skirts could be worn in quite a conservative way with a smart shirt, tailored knit and heels, however by teaming them with heavy boots, a pair of statement socks and an oversized knit, the look is more every day, relaxed and we both feel immediately comfortable and confident.’

Another fantastic pairing is a skirt and a loose-fitting jumper. Our favourites are the L.F. Markey Theo Copper Blush Knit Jumper with its clean, classic roll neck and drapey form. It’s elegant yet perfect for throwing on for everyday wear over skirts and trousers. Accessorise with a bum bag worn across the body like our Black Colour Tan Leather Bum Bag and pull up those socks and wear them with pride, like Roo’s Stance Wildflower Crew Tomboy Socks.

Adding to list of gorgeous, effortless jumpers is the American Vintage Woxilen Polar Melange Jumper. Even though it is oversized (super comfy!), it can still in tucked into the waistline of a skirt so you don’t lose your shape. Add a big leather shopper, fun animal print scarf and punchy beanie for the ultimate cute, cosy look. And let's not forget those socks! Bex wears the Stance Classic Posey Black Crew Socks and her own boots.

Roo – ‘For us, it’s all about keeping the look contemporary. Stay away from too much tailoring as it can age you. Keep things flowing and layer textures and fabrics - satin with a heavy knit, wool with a graphic tee and slouchy cardi. Have fun with it, push the boundaries a little, and if in doubt just add a leopard print scarf, it works every time!!!’


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