Welcome to The Big Reveal - Roo’s guide to transitioning from Winter to Summer. Part 3 of 'Roo's Favourite Things' from the latest Spring collection, this week the focus is on layering knitwear pieces, denim shorts (get those legs out ladies!) and shirts, plus THE most comfortable footwear on the planet - Vejas and Birkenstocks!

Watch the video here... 

Roo wears: the American Vintage Zazow Nectar Jumper £130, Free People Grey Black Sandy Tank Top £35, Levi's Made & Crafted Barrel Crop Palm Blues Jeans £115VEJA Campo Chromefree Leather Extra White & Tonic Trainers £110


Roo - "I love this time of year, suddenly the sun’s out, you can feel the heat on your skin and you get excited about ditching the heavy, dark clothes of Winter and emerging bronzed and beautiful into the colourful warmth of Spring! However, it’s never that smooth is it? Winter skin is dull and pale, untoned and needing some breaking in (well mine is anyway). We’ve just had a deliciously hot bank holiday weekend here in Cornwall and the shock of having to unveil my body was acute. It’s always the same for me, never easy and I always look back to previous Summer’s and wonder how I ever got so brown and looked so at ease in my Summer wardrobe."
"I’ve just spend an agonising two hours in the shop trying on everything so I can help guide you through this process. Of course it’s all about layering, flowing silhouettes, nothing too tight, the addition of some bold colours, the best fitting pair of jeans and a liberal coating of St.Tropez Whipped Mousse. I think I got there in the end! The thing is, you need to be prepared to be plunged back into Winter at any moment and also be ready for a sudden heatwave - not easy to plan for!"
"Get some well-fitting staples, expose yourself to some sunshine if you’re lucky enough to have a garden and by the time we come out of lock down we’ll be ready for Summer!" 
Over to Bex, who talks through her go-to transitional pieces, perfect for sunshine and shade...



Bex - "Lately the sun has been very kind to us here in Cornwall but typically in a flash it's gone again and with it it's warmth. I don’t have any place to be apart from home and walking the dog, but my wardrobe keeps having to adapt to the ever-changing weather whilst still feeling like I'm making an effort! So my daily go-to pieces are a pair of denim Levi shorts or skirt teamed with a Free People t-shirt or pretty vest. Then, when the clouds pop over the sun, I grab a piece of American Vintage knitwear which saves the day!


For me you can’t beat the American Vintage Kool V-Neck Vanilla Yellow Jumper. It's warm but seriously 😎cool at the same time. Simply a #Winner!"




Thank you for all your continued support, 
Love Roo and the team x


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April 16, 2020 — Emma Limn