Time to expose those ‘Bingo Wings’…

Roo's Running List

One of the problems of living in a cold country with long winters is we end up spending way too long hiding under layers of long sleeves and slouchy jumpers. I know I’m all over this style of dressing but, when the moment comes for the big unveil, I also know that most of us will be terrified!! 

Of course there are those who refuse to let the winter act as an excuse to eat more crisps, drink more gin and skip the gym, but that isn’t me. Basically I’m an on-off exerciser and have been all my life, ever since that first term at University when I put on three stone thanks to pints of lager and deep fried Mars Bars at 3am…

It’s running that works for me. I wouldn’t say I love it, or I’m particularly good at it, but it really does help me lose that troublesome winter weight. The truth is it’s painful to start with, not to mention somewhat unattractive as you’re gasping for air bright red in the face, but it gets easier. Trust me! The only way to get running fit is to just keep going on short runs regularly whilst listening to a fantastic running playlist - one that makes you want to sing loudly and gets you up hills…

So - here it is. My very own running playlist!

If this doesn’t get you out there pounding the tarmac with your hands in the air screeching with delight, then I don’t know what will!

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