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Live, travel, surf – that’s Eidon's credo. "It’s about making new discoveries and loving what you do. And we’re grateful that we’re able to live this philosophy through everything we learn, everyone we meet, and all that we create along the way."

We've sourced Eidon bikinis from the California. This up and coming swimwear brand is gaining popularity in the US and Caribbean... and now available in the UK. 

It’s not just for hardcore surfers, but also for travelers or people who simply appreciate the ocean and the lifestyle associated with it.

As far as we are concerned the Eidon brand stands for beautiful prints, lovely quality at an affordable price-point. 

The bikinis are sold as separates, so you can choose between a variety of sizes and styles for the top and bottom. Great for us women with all sorts of body shapes!

If you're looking for excellent quality and stylish bikini for a beach holiday or just for in the local pool. Have a look at our selection of Eidon surf swimwear.

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