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Cosmetics that capture the Parisian philosophy of enjoying life, designed by Paul and Joe designer Sophie Mechaly, who started the Paul & Joe menswear brand in 1995. Venturing into womenswear, followed by beauty, the French design house now delivers new beauty products each fashion season. 

It's become one of our favourite cosmetic brands. The quality is stunning, from the mascara to the lipsticks, much thought has gone into each piece. Luxurious texture and colour throughout the range. In order to give skin a healthy luminosity that looks as if it is glowing from within, Paul & Joe focuses on creating deep delectable moisture.

Notice the tactile, beautiful packaging. Each line graces different patterns and colours. (Oh, and P&J seem to love cats, there are always cats!)

Gentle and sensuous to the touch, their products not only supply ample hydration but hold it in place all day. 

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