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Bohemian, 70's Vintage - inspired knitwear brand based in Los Angeles. Roo's Beach is thrilled to be the only retailer in Cornwall to offer WildFox Couture. 

Originally co-created by two women inspired by a love for Vintage tee shirts and their friendship. The playful and whimsical brand continues it's legacy under the Creative Direction of founding partner Kimberley Gordon Together with musician Jimmy Sommers as CEO and President of Wildfox, the brand was officially established in 2007.

Known for its iconic campaigns and clothes that tell a story.Expect exquisite quality and supersoft fabrics. Their vintage themed pieces have a dreamlike quality, and take fashion direction from simpler times; fairies, dreams, sleepovers and beautiful books.

"Wildfox clothes are the stories of summer." - Kimberley Gordon

“I think the Wildfox part of a girl is the part that throws caution to the wind and heads out into the world feeling beautiful, no matter how she looks, and that’s what makes her so sexy.” 

"We started the company based on a real love for vintage everything, but especially the 70’s, that’s like the boom of the T-shirt. We wanted a name that reflected that Fox and Foxy were a real popular slang of the time and we knew that Wildfox would conjure that, it’s also short and sweet and represents our wild inner selves, untamable foxes." 

– Kimberley Gordon

The brand has taken our small shop by Storm... it's our favourite Californian brand.

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