re-opening with a spring in our step!

The date is set (yet again!) for re-opening our store here in Porth, Cornwall, but this time its different. This will also be the BIG reveal for us here at Roo's Beach, not only are we currently extending the store, making way for our brand new menswear department and plant shop, we are also undergoing a full re-brand too to complement our growth plans. Here's Founder Roo Cross talking us through the success of the past year, the changes afoot and how fashion has changed.


Roo, Founder of Roo’s Beach - For us, 2020 totally re-shaped the business in terms of our focus, we adapted, shifted to an online store with a destination shop. Before then our focus had been on the store with the website supporting it. Now, a year on from the first lockdown, business is thriving.
We are seeing a solid and steady growth in our online business, financially we are trading ahead of last year and I’m confident for the year ahead. We have an ambitious shop expansion in place which will be finished in time for 12th April. We’re re-branding our store and website to integrate menswear from next month too, so have an exciting new colour palette for that. Yes we shall be saying goodbye to pink! 
View more from our latest photoshoot and download high res imagery HERE.     
Looking ahead to the main season, we have tweaked our buying and brand portfolio to accommodate the change in our lives which the pandemic has affected. We have focused on a staple wardrobe of denim, cotton jersey and knitwear - we have a very casual, laid back style as a store, so we’re well placed for post lock down dressing and a summer in the UK. Sales of Levi’s almost tripled in 2020 and I predict them to carry on at these levels for 2021. Check out our Levi's Denim Guide for all our favourite styles to invest in.
View more from our Spring photoshoot and download high res imagery HERE.   
The fashions we’re stocking will be focussed on feeling amazing about yourself, not needing to over think it, just focusing on styles and shapes that suit you and investing in these. Add a few pieces in new colour-ways and prints, and you've got yourself an easy capsule wardrobe! We will also have more amazing dungarees and boiler suits this year, again this paired-down take on work wear is so accessible for everyone. It’s fun and easy to pull off, and women can feel liberated.
View more from our latest photoshoot and download high res imagery HERE.       
We don’t do ‘formal attire’ here at Roo's Beach, I doubt many of us really have a need for that in our lives nowadays and I think that there’s a shift away from structured clothing. People felt liberated by working from home and being able to experiment with new looks and colours, that this new wave of dressing will be here to stay.

   All imagery of new store expansion and re-brand available from April. To view the new collection today, click here or contact Emma Limn for more info:



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