Abi's Dots Vinyl Wall Confetti

£ 15.50 GBP

"This collaboration arose from grief and loss but is now helping to share love through little simple colourful dots - Abi's Dots."
Alex Fulton, designer of Abi's Dots and God-Mother to Abi.

• Available in a pack of 90
• Each pack contains 15 dots in 6 colours: neon pink, pink, rose pink, turquoise, yellow and teal 
• Each dot measures 4cm in diameter (but you can always create smaller dots with a hole punch!)
• Buy online and in store

Please note: For international customers purchasing Abi Dots, please email shop@roosbeach.co.uk for a reduced delivery rate

We are proud to bring you Abi's Dots all the way from New Zealand

The story behind the dots

In May earlier 2014, my dearest friend Lucy tragically lost her beautiful 12 year old daughter Abi in a fatal car crash in New Zealand. Alongside them died Lucy’s dear friend Sally, and her own daughter, gorgeous Ella.

I cannot say it any better than Alex;
"Abi was larger than life, she was infectious and she showered all who knew her in love, laughter and silliness. She was a twelve year old girl that was excited by life and you couldn’t help but feel that too when you where around her. We were so lucky to now her." 


(Image: The lovely girls: Ella and Abi)

This tragedy has touched the hearts of everyone in Sumner and the wider community, New Zealand as a country and their extended network of friends and family back here in the UK, who know and love them and feel their pain from so far away.

Lucy, Trevor, Ed, Paddy and Abi have lived in New Zealand for 12 years - Little Abi was born there, theirs is a life of amazing views, outdoor adventures, surfing, sunshine, beaches, quality time with friends and family and creativity. Visits to see them in New Zealand prompted us to move to Cornwall to live a parallel life by the sea, we have a huge affinity with Sumner and the community in which they live.

Abi's dots were created by KM2 Creative for Alex Fulton, Abi's godmother and my good friend. 

Alex, who flew back from holidaying in Ibiza the moment she heard the news of the girls’ deaths, was asked to decorate Abi’s coffin.

Alex: "I wanted to do something. But what?

I was honoured to be part of the celebration of her life, her funeral. It’s not right but you just had to push that aside and honour her zest, her energy and her life. I did that through colour and dots.

The amazing girls from KM2 Creative came the party and donated hundreds of coloured dots (all in Abi’s favourite colours) and we decorated everything in them – even Abi’s Dad builders truck. They made us smile even on the saddest day. A silly little colourful dot made us smile on the darkest day. The power of colour hey."

We are so excited to have the opportunity to express our love and support to the incredible Hone family through these little dots of sunshine and colour, a true memory and reflection of Abi. From every pack that we sell £6 will go towards Trevor and Lucy’s chosen charity - ‘Make A Wish’.

Please spread the love for Abi (and dear Ella and Sally) and express your creativity by sticking them and then sharing your photos on instagram using #abisdots

We love you to the moon and back Trevor, Lucy, Ed and Paddy xxxxxxxx


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