Kerzon Le Soleil Fragranced Mist

£ 32.00 GBP

Brand Kerzon

Wrap yourself in a subtle fragranced mist from French brand Kerzon - who create skincare from clean, raw organic ingredients which aren't tested on animals. Le Soleil shines, diffusing a warm blend of Coco and Frangipani. Smooth and fiercely generous, its bouquet treats the skin to an oiled solar amber, beaming bright as the heart of summer. A sensory awakening with silky touches of peach, coco and almond milk, this blend is infused with ambered vanilla and subtly flowered by ylang-ylang and jasmine water, giving the skin a lasting veil of Australian sandalwood, musk and Indonesian patchouli.

  • Fragrance: Coco and Frangipani mix
  • 3.34fl.oz Bottle

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