Visit Roo's Beach Porth a Re-Fill Water Bottle Station

Refill is a national Tap Water campaign that strives to make refilling your drinking bottle as convenient and fuss free as possible.

As a participating business in the scheme Roo's Beach have installed a beautiful copper tap in store to allow anyone to pop in and fill up their water bottle – for free!

Roo's Beach, Porth is a water bottle refill station

So, why carry a water bottle with you? Well, we think single use is no use! Disposable plastic bottles are expensive to produce, use up valuable natural resources during the production and transportation process and create tonnes of waste once they are empty.

We favour reusing rather than recycling. According to the latest figures from, an estimated 11,000 plastic bottles a minute either end up in UK landfill or as street litter. Often these bottles make their way into our waterways and out to sea, adding to the growing issue of marine plastic pollution.

Roo's Beach, Porth is a water bottle refill station

By carrying a reusable water bottle and using a refill station, not only will you be preventing unnecessary plastic pollution, you will also be saving yourself money, so it's win win! Open everyday from 10-5 and 4 on Sundays, pop by Roo's Beach anytime for a tap water refill. We are located by the beach in Porth, between Watergate Bay and Newquay. Download the free Refill app to discover where else  you can refill on the go.

And remember, if you don't have a water bottle to hand, we have a colourful range to choose from in store from eco conscious brands Dopper, bkr, Chilly's and Sip by Swell.

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