Dopper Original Blue Lagoon Drinking Bottle

£ 12.95 GBP

Brand Dopper
Your curious mind has drawn you here. What is a Dopper bottle? Well Dopper have set out to create awareness of the negative impacts of single use plastic on the environment and increase access of safe drinking water world wide. Not only do these bottles look gorgeously badass, refilling them with tap water will help reduce your plastic waste by about 40 bottles a year! Unscrew the blue cap to use as a water bottle or undo the white layer to reveal a portable cup.

PP - Polypropylene (bottle) 
ABS - Acrylonitil Butadieen Styreen (cup) 
TPE - Thermoplastic Elastomer (gasket in cap & cup) 

• 100% Sustainable 
• BPA Free
• Dishwasher Safe 

• Volume 450 ml / .95 US pt. / 15 oz 
• Easy to clean
• Manufactured in the Netherlands
• Suitable for cold, non-corrosive liquids

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