Dopper Original Sea Green Drinking Bottle

£ 12.95 GBP

Brand Dopper
Immerse yourself in the ocean with Doppers Sea green water bottle. Channel your mermaid self and help keep the seas plastic free all at the same time. Fill with tap water, drink and then reuse to help reduce plastic waste. Unscrew the sea green cap to use as a bottle or undo the white layer and pour the water into the portable cup!

PP - Polypropylene (bottle)
ABS - Acrylonitil Butadieen Styreen (cup)
TPE - Thermoplastic Elastomer (gasket in cap & cup)

• 100% Sustainable
• BPA Free
• Dishwasher Safe
• Easy to clean
• Holds 450ml
• Buy online and in store Manufactured in the Netherlands
• Suitable for cold, non-corrosive liquids

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