Dopper Solid Steel Drinking Bottle

£ 19.95 GBP

Brand Dopper
Make a stand for clean oceans with a Dopper Solid Steel bottle. A robust, non-insulated stainless steel water bottle that is simple in design. Modest in weight is the perfect companion on any adventure and keeps you sustainably hydrated whenever and wherever you go. Can carry up to 490ml of liquid.

• Holds 490 ml / 16.6 ounce 

• Contains three component parts.
• Easy to clean.
Dishwasher safe up to 65°C / 149°F.

• Produced responsibly in China.
Suitable for tap water

• Materials
: 18/8 steel, stainless (bottle)
 , Tritan (cup)
TPE - Thermoplastic Elastomer (gasket in cap)
 and PP - Polypropylene (Cap)

• BPA/plasticizer-free and non-toxic

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