Have A Look Mood Amber Blue Reading Glasses

£ 28.00 GBP

Have A Look are fun, fashionable and affordable unisex Danish reading glasses. They believe that your style should be sharp even if your vision isn’t! 

All Have A Look's reading glasses are unisex, they have flexible arms for a comfortable fit, durable polycarbonate frames and aspherical acrylic lenses, creating a light, slender and elegant look, even for lenses of higher strength. All metal components are of course nickel-free.

’Mood’ reading glasses with pale tortoiseshell frames with just a hint of blue and grey.  If you like large, eye-catching reading glasses that are lightweight and sit comfortably on the nose, then ’Mood’ are the ones for you. They not only fit well but are designed to suit almost anyone. 

Available in strengths from 1 to +3
Frame width: 13.7 cm
Frame depth: 5 cm

• Colour: Amber / Blue
• Soft touch finish
• Clear lenses
• Flexible Hinges
• Comfortable fit
• Packaged in a felt pouch
• Unisex style

When it comes to common, age-related long sight, we humans are relatively similar and, broadly-speaking, the table below will provide a good guideline:

  • 40 years: +1
  • 45 years: +1,5
  • 50 years: +2
  • 55 years: +2,5
  • 60 years: +3


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