Have A Look Type C Petrol Reading Glasses

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Have A Look are fun, fashionable and affordable unisex Danish reading glasses. They believe that your style should be sharp even if your vision isn’t! 

Slightly translucent petroleum blue reading glasses in a striking design. 'Type C', with its round frames particularly suits those of you who have a square or heart-shaped face. This lovely shade of blue-green suits both men and women, and will pep up any outfit! A great choice for those of you who love round reading glasses with just enough colour to get you noticed – in the best possible way!

All Have A Look's reading glasses are unisex, they have flexible arms for a comfortable fit, durable polycarbonate frames and aspherical acrylic lenses, creating a light, slender and elegant look, even for lenses of higher strength. All metal components are of course nickel-free.

Available in strengths from 1 to +3
Frame width: 13.8 cm
Frame depth: 4.4 cm

• Round Frames
• Colour: Petrol 
• Soft touch finish
• Clear lenses
• Flexible Hinges
• Comfortable fit
• Packaged in a felt pouch
• Unisex style

When it comes to common, age-related long sight, we humans are relatively similar and, broadly-speaking, the table below will provide a good guideline:

  • 40 years: +1
  • 45 years: +1,5
  • 50 years: +2
  • 55 years: +2,5
  • 60 years: +3

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