I'm So Hungover Cook Book

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Lets be honest, like many things in life, a hangover is simply one of life's certainties. There are many "cures" as some would say, varying from one extreme of 'the hair of the dog' with a bloody mary, to the other extreme of just not drinking alcohol altogether. However, most would agree, whether it being a cure or not, food seems to be one of the best forms of relief. The 'I'm So Hungover Cook Book' brings you many guilty pleasures. From the all carb, comfort food such as Mac and Cheese to the potentially classier recipes such as potato and rosemary pizza, this book helps make your hangover that much more bearable. This cookbook with 40 recipes, along with the vibrant colours, photography and illustrations is the perfect companion to help nurse away those pesky hangovers. 


  • Cook Book
  • 50 Restorative recipes
  • Beautifully photographed 
  • 128 Pages
  • Size: 18.44 x 1.78 x 22.71 cm
  • Handcover
  • Written by Jack Campbell
  • Illustrated by Tom Jay

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