KeepCup Longplay Harvest Reusable 454ml /16oz Cup

£ 23.00 GBP

Brand KeepCup

The Longplay KeepCup in the Harvest colourway is made from blown tempered glass with a tritan plastic outer shell. The plastic acts as an extra protective layer for the glass and also to insulate your beverage whilst protecting your hands from the radiated heat. For easy gripping, the body of the cup features a grippy silicone band. The lid features a swivel plug which covers a hole big enough to drink comfortably out of and also fits straws for cooler beverages.

The large Longplay is equivalent to 454ml (16oz). 

KeepCups are designed to replicate the look and sizes of common coffee shop disposable cups with splash-proof lids. The biggest difference is that KeepCups are built to last and are therefore reusable, reducing the number of disposable cups you use to zero. 


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