Korres Aloe & Dittany Conditioner 200ml

£ 10.00

Brand Korres

Compliment the Aloe and Dittany Shampoo with this recipe for parched hair needing extra hydration. A set of rich ingredients add volume to your hair helping it feel light whilst moisturising to leave hair soft and shiny.

• Size: 200ml 
• Key ingredient Aloe
• 92.5% natural ingredients
• Rich in proteins and amino acids
• Moisturises hair while proteins and oligosaccharides derived from oats penetrate it
• Increases elasticity
• Protection from split ends
• Use with Aloe and dittany Shampoo
• Available online and in store

Roo's review: Love both the shampoo and conditioner. Have to fight off other members of our household using copious amounts of this!

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