Lucky Cloud Balancing Cleansing Balm 60ml

£ 21.00 GBP

Balancing Cleansing Balm with Green Clay and Organic Jojoba Oil. Meet our second addition to the cleansing family! This baby has been formulated for people with combination, oily and blemish prone skin. Melt away dirt, grim and even stubborn make-up to leave your skin soft and clean.

An anti-inflammatory blend of borage and grapeseed oils help to reduce swelling and redness associated with acne. We’ve added in French green clay to gently exfoliate and help to draw our dirt, impurities and excess oil, all thanks to its high absorption qualities.

Our favourite jojoba oil resembles the skins own natural sebum levels, meaning it can help to re-balance oily and problem skin types. A beautiful blend of calming lavender, uplifting bergamot and healing frankincense essential oils will help to heal scars, brighten your mood and calm your senses.

How to use:
• Fill a basin with warm water and soak a cotton face cloth

• Squeeze out excess water and hold against face for a few seconds

• Scoop out a small amount of balm (approx the size of a blueberry) and warm between your fingers

• Massage over your face to dissolve dirt and make-up

• Remove with the damp, warm cloth

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