Rock The Boat, Boats, Cabins and Homes of the Water

£ 40.00 GBP

Brand Gestalten

Moveable homes with endless opportunities for exploration and changes of scenery. Converted ferries provide ample space for families. Shanty boats inspire images of Huck Finn’s literary journey and youthful spirit. Former cruise ships become charming hotels. Rock the Boat’s floating domiciles showcase alternative living solutions from the private to the commercial.

From the romantic lakes of Kashmir to the Bay of Venice, houseboats claim their space atop the water worldwide. A buoyant boutique hotel awaits guests in London. A floating sauna promises relaxation for friends upon the Pielisjoki River. Rock The Boat profiles the imaginative inhabitants and designers behind these houseboats; the volume offers inspiration to anyone interested in a touch of escape or even a permanent change of address.

  • Editors: Gestalten
  • Release date: October 2017
  • Format: 21 × 26 cm
  • Features: Full colour, hardcover, stitch bound, 272 pages

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