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Shade All-Natural Sunscreen SPF 25

An Award-Winning product two years in a row, the Shade™ All-Natural Sunscreen is an effective, natural sun cream which literally does what it says on the tin.

At an ideal SPF25, with only 4 ingredients to moisturise and protect skin from the broadest spectrum of damaging UVA and UVB rays, Shade™ has been developed to keep your skin naturally healthy whilst blocking rays that can burn and cause sun damage.

• Size: 15ml
• SPF 25
• Contains natural ingredients
• Unscented
• Use within 12 months of opening
• Available online and in store

Application Apply generously at least 15min before exposure to the sun and then reapply regularly at least every 2 - 3 hours or after exposure to water or after sweating.

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