Penny's Houseplant Guide

As this week is National Houseplant Week, we thought it would be the perfect opportunity for Penny to guide you through some of her top picks for houseplants. From the indestructible to something that needs a little more care, but all in all a fuss-free bunch.

bomb proof

I’m absolutely bomb proof, I’m Aspidistra Elatior.

Also called the bar room or cast Iron plant because it’s virtually indestructible. The Victorians loved it as they could pop it in a dark corner and let it be and it happily grows away.. it can handle a bit of neglect! Funky and dramatic with long stems and deep green leaves… This retro cool cat with a lovely lush vibe.

Care - Tolerable of irregular watering and any light levels bar direct sun. Let it completely dry out before giving a drink… 

easy going

I’m the easy guy... Aloe Humulis

I’m a little South African aloe, dense and funky with blue green leaves and little spikey bumps all over. I’m just all about being cool and fun, no dramas with me. I’m sure you’re going to love me, don’t like to blow my own trumpet but I look good too!

Care -  A laid back and low maintenance addition to your collection. Just let him be in a bright, sunny room and only water once dry.

a little more needy

I’m a bit more needy but I’m one of the loveliest, easiest ferns. I’m Asparagus Dens Meyers.

Also called the foxtail or plume fern because of my gorgeous feathery foliage that is in thick, lush feathery stems, you can’t help but run it through your hands! 

Quite unlike other ferns it’s woody and tough but with its emerald green foliage and majesty structure it’s just gorgeous. As they get bigger they have a cascading habit so look stunning if you put them in a hanger or on a shelf.

Care - These ferns don’t mind drying out a bit but when you water them give them a good soaking, they're a great bathroom plant... Try this little beauty of a fern, I promise you will struggle to kill it!