Earth Day 2023 | Responsible Brands

It may be Earth Day today, but it's on our minds everyday.

Increasingly conscious of what we sell and what we do, seeking out brands with cool credentials has become a key factor in our buying process and we’re commited to working with brands which put the environment at the core of what they do. We’ve picked out a handful of these responsible brands to share their innovative and climate positive ways - check’em out!



GANNI are continually focused on becoming the most responsible version of themselves, committed to making better choices every day and minimising their social and environmental impact. This season 97% of the GANNI ready-to-wear collection consists of responsible styles, meaning at least 50% of the composition is certified organic, lower-impact or recycled. This marks a major milestone on GANNI’s journey to become the most responsible version of themselves. The brand’s innovation hub ‘Fabrics of the Future’ is also working on innovative fabrics made from textile waste and leftover grape skins from wine production. SHOP GANNI


Nudie Jeans produce denim using a high-proportion of lower-impact materials that help limit chemicals, water, and wastewater in it’s supply chain. A typical pair of Nudie jeans consist of 80% virgin organic cotton and 20% pre-consumer Nudie Jeans recycled cotton. Alongside this, Nudie have been ranked as industry leaders 8 years in a row by the Fair Wear Foundation, an organisation that works to improve conditions for workers in garment factories. SHOP NUDIE JEANS

Earth is a conscious core collection by YMC, a refined edit of their favourite styles from over the years, sustainably constructed from natural, organic and/or recycled materials.  Produced in collaboration with a selection of knitters, mills, factories and laundries who specialise in environmentally responsible manufacturing methods and social accountability. SHOP YMC

Haeckels live by the motto; By The Ocean, For The Ocean. Manufacturing effective, eco-friendly skincare that harnesses all the goodness of seaweed picked on their doorstep in Margate - natural products, from natural origins. Haeckels are driven by a desire to solve the waste problem – be that through making use of use of waste natural resources in products, or packaging that is fully recyclable or compostable. SHOP HAECKELS

Amongst other organic materials, Thinking Mu champion use of organic hemp which regenerates the environment and reduces impact. Hemp needs 95% less water than cotton, absorbs CO2 as it grows, needs almost half the area for it’s cultivation than cotton, prevents soil erosion, doesn’t require the use of chemical pesticides or fertilisers, grows rapidly and vigorously in a wide variety of climates and produces a whopping 250% more fibre than cotton! SHOP THINKING MU