Originally producers of baseball uniforms for the Japanese league, Jackman have drawn upon their heritage to combine their know-how of making utilitarian baseball garments with their assurance to quality.

Driven by a passion for baseball and American sportswear, Mitsugu Tanabe founded the Tanabe Meriiyasu factory in Fukui, Japan in 1949. This was the birth of Jackman. Tanabe’s obsession with quality and details lead to him to gain worldwide recognition throughout the 60’s, even producing Japan’s 1964 Olympic apparel. Each piece of Jackman clothing is still crafted in the original factory using the exact machine’s that have been producing the brand’s jersey fabric for over 70 years. Although the pace is slower than today’s machine’s, the quality endures. If you’re interested in a tee or sweatshirt than will only get better with age, look no further.