Introducing... YMC



Cult London based brand, YMC, produce contemporary menswear and womenswear inspired by British subculture with a focus on exceptional fabrics and refreshing cuts.




YMC was founded in London in 1995 by Fraser Moss and Jimmy Collins, taking its name from industrial designer Raymond Leowy; “You must create your own design style”. They look to music, literature and the arts for influence in their collections, capturing Moss’s post-punk DIY attitude. Their menswear is dictated by great fabrics and modern cuts. For the women, expect a collection that takes notes from the men, sharing some fabrics and versions of men’s garments in cuts that work for women.



Check out this interview with the YMC founders to find out more about the brands origins.






For SS22, YMC have taken cues from communities and gangs in the 1970s, with the collection paying homage to the style and attitude of the final decade of the counterculture movement. Expect seersucker fabric, floral embroidery and suede patchwork jackets. Hippy tribes and anti-war protesters sit sartorially beside street gangs and west coast bikers. In these groups, hair is long, beards unkempt, and accessories show allegiance to spirituality, indigenous cultures and anti-establishment beliefs.

How pertinent for them to shoot their collection in our very own Cornwall. 



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