Meet the Team

With new season now in full swing - we felt it was time to no only show you some nice stuff (obviously) but also meet our fantastic team. With a wealth of knowledge, personality and style, we’re lucky to have such a good crew flying the Roo’s Beach flag...




Bossman, Porth Beach Don, Leopard print leader? just a few of the names that could be used to describe Roo. With an overwhelming passion for “selling nice stuff to good people” who better to steer our ship. It doesn’t take a genius to gather that Roo has more leopard print than the African Savanna and a pair of bold trainers for every day of the week. Slightly chaotic but totally visionary with her ideas - Roo has styled, inspired and given confidence to thousands of customers over the past 10 years of running the shop! Wearing a combination of some of her favourites brands such as LF Markey, GANNI and Flower Mountain, this look is timeless and embodies the relaxed vibe of Roo’s Beach.

Ganni Black Cotton Poplin Peplum Blouse
L.F Markey Ecru Classic Slacks
Flower Mountain Yamano 3 Trainers



You can put money on Pen hopping onto one leg as soon as the camera appears haha. Our green fingered, botanical legend, Pen adds enthusiasm, encouragement and unparalleled energy to even the slowest of days! Looking after our growing plant shed, amongst working within Womenswear - Penny can often be found re-potting, watering or trimming in head to toe YMC (most stylist gardener ever?) Whether it’s customer advice, recommendation’s or general information, we are incredibly lucky to have her as a member of our team. Bellerose and Edwin are the flavour of this shoot - have you ever seen someone garden in brushed wool knit no, me neither…

Bellerose Calcaire Diow Knit
Bellerose Peachy Checked Blouse 
Edwin Blue Opal Wash Janis Jeans




Joe aka head of menswear aka fashion nerd aka can talk all day about a button is often found in all 4 corners of the building, but thrives in the our Menswear department. With a keen eye for detail and a knowledge of mens fashion that could send you to sleep - he’s the perfect guys to help style, advice and encourage our male customers. Joe describes his style as somewhere in between utilitarian and classic (if that’s a thing), more focused on the fit and fabric of the garments than the brand or the immediate “what’s in style” at the time. Pictures here wearing a combination of YMC t-shirt and shirt with a pair of Loose straight jeans from Edwin.

YMC Black Military Shirt
YMC Green Wild Ones Picket T-Shirt
Edwin Loose Straight Light Used Blue Jeans



With more shoes than Clarks and an eye for detail like that of a hawk - who better to look after the shop than our Holly. With a beaming smile and infectious energy, Holly brings good vibes and styling advice to our team and customers daily. Merchandising queen and inventory guru, Holly is the reason the shop is always looking at it’s best through her wealth of experience in the retail industry. Constantly trying on pieces for “market research” she states - there’s one thing you should know about Holly - if you don’t buy the last one, she will. Pictured in a mix of R.Goods, GANNI and LF Markey.

Ganni Future Heavy Jersey Cherry T-shirt
Thinking Mu Black Brisa Cashmere Long Sleeve
L.F Markey Black Mega Slacks
Ganni Leopard Print Small Easy Shopper




Often found at the centre of our global headquarters (our modest office above the shop)..Kirsty is a professional plate spinner turning her hand to all aspects of the retail industry. With a thirst for coffee that could put unwavering pressure on our small coffee shop, Kirsty often brings the humour, fun and random dancing to almost every day. Pictured wearing the new (and insanely good) GANNI Leopard Print V neck Long Dress, we think she looks rather gorgeous. Next time you message or phone the shop, show Kirsty some love, she’ll be on the other side.

Ganni Leopard Print Cotton Poplin V-Neck Long Dress




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