Book Review - Go as a River



Where the Crawdad’s Sing has been my benchmark book for the past 4 years and I’ve re-read it twice - that’s how much I loved it, since then I have read some great books and I have a reliable source of 3-4 friends who I ask for book recomendations - this one was from my dear friend Lucy and it’s absolutely charming in every way. 

The story starts in the 1948 in the wilds of Colarado, set on a Peach farm in a small rural community, it’s a coming of age tale based around a young girl called Victoria and follows her life through love, loss and unbelievable resilience and survival.  It’s beautifully written and I couldn’t put it down, it flows really well, the descriptive writing is wonderful, transporting you easily into the 1950’s.  I felt fully absorbed by her journey, there are lots of parallels to our current world and it’s a good through provoking book whilst being an easy read and an inspiring portrait of a strong, resourceful young women.


Go as a River by Shelley Read