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Roo's Fashion feature published in Cornwall Today Magazine

Words by Roo Cross

How To Dress For A Cornish SummerHaving just read How To Be Parisian - a succinct, amusing, observational account of exactly that - I was moved to consider how each place we live in has its own identity and uniqueness which we subconsciously abide by. A similar account could be written for London, New York, Milan, Sydney - or even Cornwall, where I’ve lived for over five years. My favourite chapter is called The Essentials, which lists the key pieces every Parisian woman has in her wardrobe: straight cut jeans, men’s shoes, a tailored black blazer, ballet flats, the classic white shirt, large black sunglasses, a silk scarf and a trench coat. The picture is complete: a typical chic Parisian lady in all her slightly aloof glory!

If I were to try and sum the Cornish ladies’ summer look, I would describe it as “a casual youthfulness of little make-up, unstructured understated clothes, a look that transcends decades and is free from judgement and rules”. In my mind, the Cornish Essentials would comprise the following;

Denim. The foundation of every outfit. For summer, choose an A-line mini or mid-length skirt, shorts (loose and well-loved), and boyfriend jeans in pale denim, rolled up to show off perfectly tanned ankles.

Celts, Vans or flip-flops. Comfortable and easy to slip on. Keep them all in the boot of the car, so when the evenings get chilly, the Celt can be slipped on for that sheepskin luxury which is an essential part of Cornish outdoor living.

How To Dress For A Cornish Summer – Featuring Vans and Element

A perfectly pretty sun top. I have a wardrobe full of these, collected over the years and selected for their print, colour and shape. They provide the interest and daily decoration to my look, always the same shape - shoe-string straps, slightly A-line so as not to hug the midriff too much. It’s the perfect layering piece, and easy to add to each season.

Knitwear. A favourite cardigan and an oversized jumper, preferably with a little warmth to it, would be my investment pieces. These are worth paying a little more for, just because they have longevity, and can be thrown over anything and look effortlessly relaxed, feminine and just right. Make a statement with a strong colour to compliment your lovely, healthy Cornish tan and windswept, slightly crazy hair!

Pretty florals: Element Lascelles Black Floral Cami Top

A fabulous pair of sunglasses. These are a true pleasure to own and an even greater pleasure to wear. Our light levels are the highest in the UK, so we need to protect our eyes. Why not look gorgeous at the same time? Mirrored lenses are definitely in this year, and give the double whammy of disguising tired, hungover eyes while being perfect for applying lipstick at the end of a windswept beach day!

This article first appeared in Cornwall Today Magazine, June 2016.