Cornwall Summer Style

Cornwall Summer Style

Do County’s have a particular style and is this a thing?

I think it is and it’s something that helps shape our particular fashion choices.  We’ve been spending some time thinking about ‘Cornish Style’ and what this looks like and why it’s noticeably different from other county’s style. I think there is a clear difference and I think it’s something we’re championing here at Roo’s Beach. Since I moved to Cornwall 8 years ago my style has evolved and changed considerably, in a good way I think! It’s much more relaxed and fluid, braver and more individual than before. Living in Cornwall brings with it a sense of freedom, I wonder if this is because we live by or close to the coast, it’s never more than a half hour drive from pretty much anywhere in the county. 

Cornish Summer Style featuring the American Vintage Lolosister Etincelle Yellow Cami Top


At Roo’s Beach we have also refined and changed our style as we’ve evolved, swapped around brands and we consistently strive to bring something fresh, exciting and new to our customers. We have found that our staple, top selling items of clothing are fundamentally denim, knitwear and oversized sweats every month. American Vintage, Levi’s and Free People are our building blocks. I scan my wardrobe now and it is a rainbow of gorgeous coloured jumpers and slouchy sweatshirts, I have the best denim collection I’ve ever owned and I fill in with pretty printed cami tops in bright colours, florals and leopard print to bring texture and print. 

Cornwall Summer Style featuring the Free People Just My Stripe Freshly Squeezed Combo Jumper

This is my uniform and as I see women in and around Newquay I realise that I’m not alone, a friend of mine recently bought the Free People Boatneck jumper from us, she later sent me the following message -

“Hi Roo, I love my jumper sooooo much! Thank you, thank you, thank you! It’s the best thing I’ve ever bought to wear in my life! So, you will see me in it all summer, every day as it will have to be wrestled off me!” 

I’ve seen her half a dozen times since and she’s had it on every time, she looks fabulous in it, it’s always just falling off her shoulders, it makes her feel confident and sexy and just a little carefree – this is the effect clothes should have on us everytime.

I have a fabulous new member of staff on the shop floor and she said to me yesterday that she just couldn’t believe how much colour we sell. It’s all about a more relaxed approach to life, an individualism that we can nurture and encourage, a strong independence and a confidence in knowing what we want. Here in Cornwall we’re not afraid to wear yellow to London, we don’t need to put on a suit in order to be taken seriously, we can wear dungarees at any age and be proud of this and above all we have an open mind.

Cornwall Summer Style featuring the Free People Go On Floral Leopard Sweater

When we buy for Summer everyone tries to sell us Ibiza style kimono’s, little beaded dresses and smart silk dresses as this is what they think we wear in Cornwall by the sea, Bex and I always put them right! We live in the southern most tip of UK, the weather is totally unpredictable and can turn from hot, sunny and windless to thick sea fog and freezing in a matter of moments, we need to be prepared. We don’t have a Mediterranean climate, our Summer staples are denim shorts so we can always have brown legs, pretty sun tops - for those moments when the sun does shine and the most important item of all knitwear, we love our knitwear! A fantastic oversized warm sweatshirt, jumper or cardigan or all three!

As Summer really takes hold of the county and we are inundated with visitors lets just hold onto our individualism and what it is that people come to Cornwall to seek out. We do have a fresh, exciting approach to life and we don’t take any of it too seriously. Make sure you clash a few colours in the next week or so, push the boundaries and be brave, wear socks with sandals, yellow with pink, oversized Leopard print sweatshirts with shorts and feel excited and free. 

Sylvia wears:
American Vintage Lolosister Etincelle Yellow Cami Top

Free People Adella Prewinkle Purple Lace Bralette

Levi's 501 Crop Authentically Yours Blue Jeans

Pernille Corydon Silver Cicerone Necklace

Wanderlust Life Arizona Turquoise Necklace

Free People Just My Stripe Freshly Squeezed Combo Jumper

Levi's 501 Back To Your Heart Blue Denim Shorts

Free People Go On Floral Leopard Sweater

Free People Adella Salmon Lace Bralette