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A Certain Cornish Style | Cornwall Today July 2018On a recent work trip to London, Bex and myself rocked up at Newquay airport at 6.45am, ready for a full day of buying appointments. We make this trip about once every two months and always agonise over what we should wear. We obviously want to make a good visual impression – we have our “fashion buyers” hats on, so we want to look the part.

On this occasion, Bex was wearing a long trench coat, faded black Levi’s, a pretty floral and lace Free People cami, Birkenstocks and socks – of course, she looked amazing. I was wearing my blue acid-wash Levi’s baggies, a leopard print cami and a cream broderie anglaise Free People bomber jacket . Of course, I looked amazing too.

We were quite pleased with our outfits and happily handed the security guy our boarding passes, to which he said: “You two are obviously going on a jolly today.”

I asked why he said that, and he replied: “Well, you’re clearly not going to work.” This really amused us both, and made us think about people’s perceptions of what “going to work” should look like.

Clearly, there is still a strong assumption that work should be accompanied by a serious look: dark colours, maybe navy, grey or black. ‘Sensible’ and ‘boring’ spring to my mind. Needless to say, Bex and I didn’t tick any of these boxes.

We’ve been spending some time thinking about Cornish style, what it looks like and why it’s different from other counties. I think there is a clear difference – it’s all about a more relaxed approach to life, an individualism that we can nurture and encourage, a strong independence and a confidence in knowing what we want.

Model wearing the Free People Daisy Jane Ivory Bomber Jacket

We’re championing it right here at Roo’s Beach. I have a fabulous new member of staff on the shop floor, and she told me yesterday that she just couldn’t believe how much colour we sell. Here in Cornwall, we’re not afraid to wear yellow to London, we don’t need to put on a suit in order to be taken seriously, we can wear dungarees at any age and be proud of this. Above all, we have an open mind.

Model wearing the Free People Go On Floral Leopard Sweater

As summer really takes hold of the county and we are inundated with visitors, let’s hold onto our individualism and what it is that people seek in Cornwall. We do have a fresh, exciting approach to life and we don’t take any of it too seriously. Make sure you clash a few colours in the next week or so; push the boundaries and be brave. Wear socks with sandals, yellow with pink and oversized leopard print sweatshirts with shorts. Feel excited, and free.

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Free People Daisy Jane Ivory Bomber Jacket

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Free People Go On Floral Leopard Sweater

This article was featured in Cornwall Today, July 2018.

A Certain Cornish Style | Cornwall Today July 2018