new Roo's Beach, more smiles :)

We’re open, back for business and bigger than ever before! Monday 12th April was such a momentous day for us - our newly re-vamped store opened it's doors once again to our customers, who were all-a-buzz with excitement to be the first to see what the new Roo's Beach looked like. 
Roo Cross - Founder of Roo’s Beach holds the new ‘open’ sign. Photo credit: Evie Johnstone. 
We'd already conquered a new website launch and total re-brand online last week, but now our new sunny colour palette could be seen throughout the store from the enticing signage out the front to the shiny wall tiles inside. We were thrilled to show off Joe's new menswear department and Penny's amazing plant shed too.
Joe Leman - Menswear for Roo’s Beach. Photo credit: Evie Johnstone.

Penny Medder - Plants for Roo’s Beach. Photo credit: Evie Johnstone.

All imagery of new store expansion can be browsed and downloaded by clicking here. To learn more about the re-brand, read our latest blog. To view the new collection today, click here or contact Emma Limn for more info:


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