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New Look, More Smiles
Since business began in 2013, the Roo's Beach brand had been built upon its iconic shade of magenta. After an enormous year of change and with the optimism of new beginnings after Covid, entering 2021 felt like the right time to give the brand an update to better reflect who we are now and where we’re going next. 
With plans to grow menswear in 2021 the most obvious place to start was with the pink… but only to swap it for something equally vibrant. What could be brighter and happier than orange or yellow? 
Unsurprisingly, a year of staying home and living and working behind our screens due to Covid has meant that our online reach is far greater, with new customers and followers drawn in by our beachy appeal, longing to be here in Cornwall too.
Our small but mighty store on the coast is where it all started, and where the heart and soul of Roo’s Beach remains, so it was important for the online and digital presence of the business to feel strongly connected to the physical store. The in-store experience has a warmth about it that the existing stark white and magenta website didn’t fully represent. The sun soaked palette of yellows and oranges used throughout the new identity hopes to echo the experience of a visit to Porth Beach.
Moodboard for our bright and warm new colour palette, inspired by our sun-soaked store on the coast.
The Roo’s Beach style is far from matchy, it’s casual, it’s eclectic and there’s always a full rainbow of colours on the rails. One of Roo’s most worn outfits this summer - mustard L.F. Markey Carpenter trousers and a bright pink American Vintage cardigan - a perfect example of the lighthearted and surprisingly un-clashy pairing of colours that’s a hallmark of the Roo’s Beach style. This is where the blue came into the new colour palette, a welcomed contrast every now and then, and a reminder that there are no rules.
Roo’s Beach has been using the hashtag and phrase Happy Clothes for a long time, with the expansion of menswear, homeware and even the addition of a plant shop, we’ve extended this to Happy Clothes, Happy Life. We’ve been working on making the store not just a place to find #happyclothes but a destination for all the good stuff that makes for a happy life.

 Roo’s crew has also grown and is now bursting with more smiles and enthusiasm. There’s a constant buzz around discovering new things we love and excitement for sharing them. Creating a new look for Roo’s Beach was all about packing this warmth, excitement and happiness into everything.


We hope you love our new look, with more smiles! 

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