Spring Roundup


Spring Has Sprung

Well houseplant lovers I think spring has finally sprung…

Just as the little plants outside are starting to unfurl their fresh green leaves our indoor plants too will be putting out new growth. How about giving them a little treat? This is the time to start feeding them. 

Most house plants love a feed in spring and summer. Usually feeding every other week is enough. You can use any liquid houseplant feed, just make sure you use the right quantity. Another lovely easy way to perk up your plants is to water them with your vegetable water, they love that! It’s full of vitamins and minerals, delicious…


And don’t forget the watering mantra:

Let the top third of my pot be dry
But when you water me don’t be shy
Get me really well soaked
I’ll be stoked… !!!


Penny x


If you fancy getting stuck into a bit of gardening, check out Plant Care & Accessories for seeds, plant feed, pots and more...


Visit Treseders Nursery

Green things are popping up everywhere and with the springtime sun we’ve had our resident plant expert, Penny, felt inspired to visit an old Cornish nursery, Treseders at Lockengate.


What a treasure this place is, it’s one of the remaining few nurseries that has been growing plants since the 1800’s. At this time the Treseders family sent 3 of their sons to Australia gold hunting, they quickly gave up looking for gold and opened a nursery in Sydney. The boys brought back hardy plants to Cornwall like the luscious tree fern, and the landscape of Cornwall was shaped by the plants they introduced to the area. 




The Humble Potato

Abundant in many gardens and easy enough to grow at home, the potato. One of our newest members of the team, Josh, who happens to also be a chef, has written us a Tortilla recipe that puts the humble potato centre stage. The key is choosing a waxy variety, like Jersey Royals which are one of springs biggest treats, and loved by many. Have a read here and give it a go! 

"A tortilla is a perfect example of how a little technique can make. A dish that is greater than the sum of it’s parts. With just potatoes, onions, eggs, and some butter, they can be one of the most delicious things to rustle up in your kitchen…"


Visit Canteen at the Orchard

Canteen at the Orchard is located in Newquay Orchard, a community garden, managed and cared for by over 600 volunteers. Serving food and coffee 7 days a week, Canteen focusses on sustainability and where possible uses ingredients grown in the Orchard’s Market Garden and picked by the volunteers. Other produce is sourced from nearby farms and Cornish growers.
Serving breakfast daily, including freshly made cinnamon buns, followed by a two option lunch. With long tables for everyone to sit together, Canteen create a community approach to eating delicious, fresh and affordable food.
Check out their instagram for daily menus, as well as upcoming events, including Pizza Sessions, or Lazy Smoky Sundays!




Finally, a playlist of some of the tunes we've had on repeat to soundtrack your bank holiday weekend.




Enjoy! x