the good & the green | vol.1

 The brands we select are up to all sorts of good and green stuff, so we we're diving into the who, what, where and why of what makes them so sustainable. To kick off the series we have 3 of our newest arrivals, Organic Basics, Novesta and EcoPots...

Organic Basics


Intent on finding the most responsible fabric material and technology available, Organic Basics handpick every single fabric based on its environmental footprint and lifetime durability. Using natural, renewable, recycled, biodegradable and low-impact textiles only.  

Ethically made.

Organic Basics only work with trusted, certified factory partners that share their same sustainable vision - and follow it through by continuously reducing their environmental footprint. Factories that ensure  their workers are surrounded in a safe working space, paid a living wage, and treated with respect at all times. 

Their website offers virtual visits to each of their factories in Portugal, Scotland, Italy, Turkey, and Austria, in which they’re transparent about environmental credentials and working conditions. 


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Since 1939  

One of the few brands left to do so, Novesta still operate from their original factory which opened in 1939, following the original method, using the same old reliable machines with a great amount of precise manual work. Based in Slovakia, they’ve also become one of the last purely European produced brands.

Sustainable Heritage  

Novesta products have always been designed with longevity in mind, with the design and materials chosen specifically for this reason. The traditional method of production ensures the prolonged lifetime of the shoes, as does the possibility to replace insoles. 

Novesta is focused on bringing to the world a product that is as sustainable as possible by always sourcing materials that are transparent, fair and sustainable along the supply chain. This includes VFCS certified natural rubber and GOTS organic cotton certified uppers on their Star Master and Dribble signature models.  


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Durability by Design  

EcoPots are made of a unique blend of recycled plastics and natural stone, which gives them a natural, matte look. This blend of materials makes EcoPots frost proof, break proof and completely recyclable, with a lifespan of over 10 years. In November 2020 this sustainably-minded company received both CO2 Neutral Product and CO2 Neutral Company certificates. 

As well as using recycled materials, the EcoPots philosophy is also about designing and producing products that are not only durable and tough, but that are also timeless in their design, taking influence from Scandinavian simplicity. “Beautiful today, tomorrow and in ten years time. Because the most durable products are those you don’t want – or have to - replace every year.”


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