the good & the green | vol.2

rain or shine...

New brand Standard Procedure, and recently restocked Insane in the Rain make the perfect duo for this month's sustainable brands focus. While the theme here is rain or shine, there's nothing but pure positivity radiating from these brands through both their design and their message...


Insane in the Rain


 plastic is over...

Insane in the Rain is an environmentally conscious brand producing ecological rainwear. They turn old bottles and single-use plastic into fabric in order to reduce the amount of waste going into landfills and oceans. Choosing an Insane in the Rain jacket helps reduce the unnecessary production of virgin plastic rain jacket fabric and simultaneously, upcycle from 17 to 23 plastic bottles that would otherwise roam our oceans.

  ...spread the word

A raincoat that delivers style alongside substance isn’t always easy to find, not only do these jackets hit the nail on the head with a raincoat we actually want to wear, but these bold and recognisable prints build awareness of IITR to help spread the message to refuse single-use plastic.

inspired & created all over the world

These happy jackets are inspired and created all over the world. Photoshoots for each collection span the globe, from Portugal or a rainforest, to (as you might expect from these ocean lovers) Bali and the waves of Lombok.


Shop Insane in the Rain here!


Standard Procedure



Born under the Australian summer sun, Standard Procedure is made to withstand the toughest elements. Standard Procedure is a TGA certified, reef-friendly sunscreen that meets the highest standards globally and is ethically made only minutes from the beach on the Sunshine Coast, Australia in their 100% solar powered factory.


surf nostalgia

Created by professional surfer Dion Agius (alongside Zepha Jackson, an advocate for ethical manufacturing), Standard Procedure was inspired by “the sun-kissed days of bygone eras; the surf explorations of Australia’s magical coastlines, the long haired beach boys and bronzed bikini-clad women” 

 giving back

While their brand celebrates the Australian culture, founders Dion and Zepha recognise that these simple pleasures are imbedded in a privileged Australian culture that is not always available to some. With that in mind Standard Procedure donates 5% of profits to provide funds, help support and bring awareness to Children’s Ground, an organisation fighting to create a new future for First Nations children, families and communities.


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