Le Bonnet

Le Bonnet is a lifestyle brand which has a deep focus on colour and quality. Founded by Matthieu Jansen in 2015, a long search for an absolute must have in anyone’s wardrobe resulted in creating a perfect beanie made from high quality Scottish wool.

Le Bonnet's products are a testament to their unwavering commitment to timeless style. Its allure lies not only in its fashionable appeal but also in its ability to transcend trends and stands the test of time, enduring elegance that never goes out of fashion. 

Not only that, all Le Bonnet beanies are made using traditional machinery featuring a Caregora certificate and is fully traceable. Furthermore the factory in Scotland that has knitted this beanie has been doing this for 170 years. It passes 14 hands during the making and is done with love and care. This is a product that is 100% biodegradable as it only consists out of natural fibres. 

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