T R E N D W A T C H : exposed lighting

When we opened our new store in Porth this April, one of the most commented on aspects where the fabulous exposed lights above the counter. 
This trend is popping up everywhere, and not just in commercial premises. Interior design magazines are all over this naked lightbulb trend. 

We decided to sell these beautiful lights by NUD, as many of our customers where keen. 

Photo: Roo at the Roo's BEach shop in Porth - string of coloured NUD lighting above the vintage counter. 

Photo: Roo at the Roo's Beach shop in Porth - a string of coloured NUD lighting above the vintage counter. 




The hallway and kitchen are the obvious spaces to use a collection of exposed string lights to add an industrial, modern feel.



Photo credit (left): Amelia Hallsworth Photography | Photo right: NUD bulb with turquoise string.

A single exposed bulb on a coloured string above the bedside table is a lovely look, and we're liking the idea of the soft glowing light at bedtime. 





Any dining room table, modern or rustic, can be given a more industrial feel by adding the exposed light bulbs with coloured string. We like the thought of the bulbs bunched together and tied in a knot, which would work well over a smaller table, or a round table. 




Shop the NUD collection here.

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